SERIES - experiments of new languages

"Weak between strong, alone in the crowd, lost, unemployed, just bored by the vacuum, the obvious, crushed by a process that makes us and wants us to be all similar, in a predictable target, who will not tolerate exceptions, that homologous styles and thoughts, that pushes us to choices that are not mines, to emptying works, to anything that takes away the ideas and paralyzes action ... One thought: never stop believing and thinking about the self as something absolutely precious, never stop working on your mind as an ever-growing value, never stop claiming the right to our choices, the right to exist and to speak, the right not to be in the fray, the right to be different, the right to be themselves, Just what it manages to be, the right to live "


speaks about problems of those people who are marginalised by society. This exhibition was realized for the Interdepartmental Centre of Human Rights in Padua – Italy.

Marginally consists of 10 big canvas focused on social problems and violations of human rights such as the child abduction, the urban poverty, the access to culture, the child labour, the risks of homologation, the visual abuse of the women’s image on internet, etc…