Restless love

For the House of European History Museum
About This Project

The RESTLESS LOVE PROJECT was presented at the House of European History Museum as an installation of a wooden structure made of OSB panels called the LOVE DECLARATION BOOTH. The intimate booth was equipped with a music box, a microphone and a desk for writing declaration of love. Next to the cabin, a support was installed with a heart of about one meter by one meter and decorated with flowers for a final floral tribute. Visitors were directed to the cabin by a series of arrows, where they could freely express themselves and declare their love to somebody or express their love for something and choose a lovely flower at the end.
The installation was completed by quotes from two great personalities from European
history who both believed in a Europe founded on the sharing of peoples, cultures and youth: Domenico Lenarduzzi, father of the Erasmus program and Jean Monnet.