Alla luce del sole installation

Against all mafias

About This Project

The installation ALLA LUCE DEL SOLE was created for LIBERA the association that fights against all mafias and on March 21st celebrates the Remembrance and Commitment Day in memory of the innocent victims of the mafias.
The title of the installation takes up the homonymous film, a tribute to the life and courage of Don Puglisi, a priest murdered by the mafia for his social commitment in the marginalized neighbourhoods of Palermo.
The installation consists of threads laid out in the sun where clean clothes are spread, stained with imperceptible drops of blood. The clothes represent the desire to make visible the crimes of the mafias that have equally affected victims of all ages and social classes, therefore lying in the sun there are shirts of employees, vests of common workers, bodies of children, because the mafia kills without looking its victims in the face. In this sense, the installation aims to be a tribute to the list of names of the innocent victims, written in a very long strip of paper, lying on the ground like a trail of blood.