on manuscripts, the Middle Ages and women
About This Project

WITHES was produced in October 2021 for the KBR Museum, the national scientific library for all Belgian publications that preserves a unique collection of manuscripts. The project was focused on the exhibition “Witches before the letter” and was realized on a large painting of 4m30 x 1m60 inspired by previously selected female images taken from museum manuscripts.

The participants took part to four thematic tables:one inspired by the calligraphy of the manuscripts with ink and nib, a second inspired by the floral decorations of the manuscripts, a third one using different materials (leather, copper and various fabrics) and a fourth table on gold and gilded encrustations.

The final composition represented a multisensory moment, stimulating the visual aspect through images, colors and painting, tactile through silicone and the materials to be glued, sonorous through music and olfactory thanks to the rose scents installed on the tables.