A tribute to trains, travels, suitcases and...the magic moment when you leave
About This Project


The TRAIN PROJECT has been realized for the TRAIN WORLD Museum to celebrate the 5th Anniversary in 2020.

The Music Booth delimited a space of free expression for adults and children aimed at sensory and playful activities, to reproduce the sound of trains, through the use of a microphone and different musical instruments. It was a tribute to the trains of the past and the future, to the real and imaginary trains of our personal memory.

The Dream Box is an installation consisting of some black and red suitcases, with a series of objects, treated with chalk and painted red, celebrated the ‘ritual’ of packing the luggage: a book, a mobile phone, a pair of sunglasses, a toothbrush and a pair of slippers. These objects are a symbol of the departures, hopes and surprises of each journey.

The installation was accompanied by the text: ‘Travel, don’t forget toothbrush and slippers, look out of the window, read a good book, stay connected with friends, listen to music, relax’. Visitors could leave their own wish by inserting messages in the red suitcase, also covered with plaster and painted in red, as an imaginary space of dreams.