on copyright and the need of spreading culture
About This Project

This installation has been exposed in the Contemporary Art Centre Mediatine, in Brussels and has been realized for AFI (Association of Italian Phonographs). The title is ‘re-production’ taking advantage of the double meaning of the word referring to the generational chain from person to person and the reproduction (legal or illegal) of works of art, painting and music. The installation consists of three parts, connected together:

The first part on the left is a painting with a very traditional landscape, something that we could find in any house of a quite aged person of 70-80 years old with a comment ‘my grandmother loved art very much’ , then there is a central section with four postcards of very famous and widely reproduced works with a new comment ‘my mother too’ and finally on the left there are 16 old copied CDs covered with painted canvas with a final comment ‘my son loves music very much’.

In this sense the installation wants to remind to the second meaning of the word focused on copyright, alluding to the evolution of new ways of ‘consuming’ art, always looking for a balance between the artist’s right to hold the right of reproduction and the need of spreading culture.