For the World Bank
About This Project

The EMBRYO project was inspired by embryology, biology and ultrasounds as a journey inside our body and its magical processes. The project, executed for the WORLD BANK, touched also on gender issues and on maternal mortality halved in low and middle-income countries.

The project, of thirty-one acrylic paintings on canvas, included also two different contemporary installations placed at the entrance and in the main venue.
The first installation, ‘Like Plants,’ consisted of a cardboard, scotch and plaster structure in red from which a florid plant sprouted. In the background red-coated plaster sheets surrounded the following main text underlining the importance of having basic things: ‘Like plants, we need water, pure air, energy, nourishment, calm and protection to develop. Women necessitate healthy environment and secure conditions to generate life. The embryo exhibition thinks about the magic process of creation’.
The second installation entitled ‘Leaving Leave’ consisted of iron wire covered with leaves of canvas and plaster, painted bright red to integrate a composition of real plants embedded in the wall.